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all about OccupyTG

The following is a guest article by Kathy Szkaradzinski, a fellow cast member talking about OccupyTG. I am posting this on my blog to spread the word.

Above: The early stages of the rehearsal process.
Taking "Occupy Wall Street Protest" and uniquely combining the classic play, Marat/Sade (1963), Glendon Theatre has created the production "Move(me).ant".  The play daringly addresses the unjust policies implemented in today's society. History is being created, as this is the first production being live-streamed. Video cameras and cell phones are brought into rehearsals capturing the process. Mini videos and photos are then uploaded on to social media sites, along with youtube, and the show's website, a live-stream site where people can watch the performances online.

Chatrooms and blogs are used daily to spread awareness on the issue of the World's current economic state.
Multiple disadvantaged individuals inhabit society. Multiple ways to spread wealth equally co-exists. This performance intends to shift power structures, which hold the aristocrats on their pedestals.
Audience members are in for a ride! This performance utilizes Brechtian epic theatre techniques tackling controversy.

Live singers and band instruments change the pace of the scenes. The audience must stay on their toes. Attention is demanded from them, as they become part of the show themselves!

Not only does the cast address the audience; these members may be a part of the cast themselves. Sleeping through the play will not be possible here!

Above (some) members of the OccupyTG cast: 
"Not only does the cast address the audience; these members may be a part of the cast themselves. 
Sleeping through the play will not be possible here"
You must access Twitter and tweet your thoughts during the show! The cast will too. Be honest. Tweets will be posted on screens around the around the theatre. The performance will also be filmed and live streamed globally.

The production literally is a movement! Be sure to get in on the action.

What is your response to 2012's inequality?

Right: A screen-shot of the OccupyTG youtube channel: check this out and our live-steam, facebook and twitter pages for video footage,pictures, and show updates. 

Social media links:
Twitter: @OccupyTG
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