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OccupyTG days

It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and everything is slowly starting to come together with Move(me).ant. Sure, there have been some metaphorical bumps in the road but those issues are slowly but  those issues are in the process of being sorted out and, honestly there is always some sort of glitch along the way no matter who is in the cast and crew. What's important is that those issues are being solved and they are. Despite the bumps in the road this play has allowed me to work with passionate and creatively dynamic people. The energy is always incredible which is what makes it a dream group dynamic because, no matter what my energy is like and how I'm feeling that day I feel motivated to shake all that off and be prepared to jump in with the built up energy of the energizer bunny. Andrew is taking care of the youtube channel, the livestream, and the projections and he filmed our rehearsal process back in week three. Gosh, I can't believe it's already week four of rehearsals it seems like only yesterday that we were assigned our roles! Andrew made a video of the week three rehearsals and edited it into quick snippets. This will give you, the reader a better idea of the dynamic I was talking about and, hopefully increase your curiosity about the show:
As the weeks have gone by I am proud to say that, on Twitter OccupyTG now has 95 or 96 followers (sorry I lost count) and 50 something likes on the facebook group. I feel it is important to note that the followers include members of the Occupy movement in several parts of the world and plenty of theatre professionals and critics. This means that we are getting lots of exposure and even if people can't make it to the show we will have plenty of people tuning into the Livestream and watching the show online. The exposure over the last few weeks has grown significantly and the good thing is it is a good mix of friends and family members of the cast and crew, cast and crew members, theatre professionals, critics, participants in the Occupy movement, and a bunch of other people I don't honestly recognize. While I'm on the subject of the Livestream feed I might as well post the link so that you, the readers (and anyone else who is interested) can watch online if your too far away to make it to the show:livestream.4ktech.net/user/occupytg. Here's two other key links since social media is a key component of our show: our facebook and twitter groups. Make sure to join because we are one of the few plays were we don't say turn off your phones we say "turn on your phones and tweet (or post on the facebok group) about your responses to the performance". The links are the following: Twitter: (twitter.com/OccupyTG) and our facebook group link is: (www.facebook.com/OccupyTheatreGlendon). Once you'll join you'll see our photos as well. During the rehearsals people post photos of the rehearsal online so members of the facebook and twitter groups will get the additional incentive of getting an inside perspective on the rehearsal process. We also have a youtube feed that, at the moment only has two videos but will probably have more stuff as the weeks go by: search: "OccupyTG youtube channel". After all this your probably left with the typical questions of how,what,where,when, how. Well: for a brief summary of the answer to the question "what is it" check out my previous blog entry but, to answer the rest of the questions I'll let this awesome promotion video, made by Andrew (of course)  articulate the answers:

To all my fellow cast and crew members, (if your reading this) keep up the good work and keep spreading the work! I'll see you guys soon.
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