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The long overdue update

It's been a while, I know, the past two weeks have been super busy and I've had no time. Move(me)ant turned out great.We had full houses every night and a massive amount of views via livestream from all over the world. I just finished writing the journal that I have to write for one of my classes on my creative process and without having to write my journal over again I can summarize it up in a brief list of words: it was bumpy but thrilling and rewarding journey of collective creation character development and the type of support one gets from the best kind of friend, family member, or boy/girlfriend. Next on the list: Glendon Fridge Festival: my university campus' student theatre festival. At this point I'm a veteran and although I haven't had much luck getting my plays into the festival I've had a fantastic time over the last couple of years being a part of that festival. This is my second acting role of the festival and I was an ASM in my first year because I was eager to get involved in any way possible. The upcoming play is about the civil war that occurred in El Salvador in the 1980s and it is told through movement, choral dialogue, singing, and individual monologues. It's called What's Civil In A Civil War and is written and directed by someone I have done a lot of theatre related stuff with. The festival is under new leadership because like all student run initiatives the veterans and regulars are all bound to graduate eventually. This is the first time in my university career that the festival wasn't run by the same two people so, I'm interested to see what new and interesting changes will occur as a result of new leadership. Andrew, the guy who was in charge of video recording and tech for Move(me)ant posted a video of our final show. I've seen a couple of his videos now and he's a good quality editor so, I'm sure he did justice to the footage of our show. Here's the video. I warn you it's an hour and forty minutes so, if you want to watch it make sure you are in the mood and have the time to sit in front of the computer for well...an hour and forty minutes. I think it's awesome that our show is now immortalized via youtube because this has been one of the best and most unique theatre experiences I've ever had and I take deep pride in all the hard work that myself and the entire cast and crew put into the show. Watching the youtube clip isn't an immediate necessity but, I just wanted to make a point of sharing good quality footage of an artistic project I will forever be deeply proud of.

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