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A passing of time

So much time has passed and the truth is so much has happened so quickly in the context of the stuff I normally talk about on this blog that I don't know where to even begin. A while back was the third anniversary of my blog on the busiest day I've had in ages and well...the one thing I'm not proud of is the fact that it's been a month since I posted anything at all. This entry is going to go back to the tradition of this blog and what it was when it all began: a place to post fictional writing to make up for the lack of open venues to place all these ideas that keep filling up notebooks. The following is a loosely poetic fiction piece that I wrote one evening while taking the bus home, a place where a lot of good ideas have come to me and I blame that for the fact that buses and subways seem to be an ongoing setting for my stories. I refuse to call it a poem and refuse to call any of my poems "poems" because I'm so fed up with people being stuck on conventions of poetry that I frequently stay clear of, but am well aware of and challenging my point of view and saying "that's not poetry". A lot of my stuff is loosely poetic because that's a writing style that fits my own artistic voice and I don't like being pinned down to genre because I hate having debates over expected conventions but, honestly that's something I could dedicate an entire blog entry to. Anyways, here's a piece of mine called "a passing of time". It's divided into three parts: "Getting to know", "The Truth is", and a section called "and then..." and are meant to be read in this order and together rather then individually.
A Passing of time
1. Getting to know...
While taking the endless journey,
while riding the midnight train,
followed by an unexpected finding,
in the midst of an exploration time-
and then making a sudden disappearance
while standing like a statuette.
2.The Truth is...
They never really need you
when you venture to a far away place
 after making a disappearance
while finding a random excuse.
What follows is another finding:
followed by intending,
and stating,
but not assuming.
3.And then...
making a surprise appearance,
but helping
with intention:
while trying,
while lasting,
and speaking:
with an intention
of never closing down.

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