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to all you young writers: inspired by the recent response I've been getting about the world poetry movement scam

Dear young writers,
I'm just like you and you remind me of why I'm still riding this long, bumpy road that the true writers must fight through the occasional moment of rejection, the occasional bit of criticism, the moments of total doubt to make everything work out in the end. You remind me of the moments when me and creative writing had a relationship like a couple on a honeymoon where every moment when I wasn't too distracted acting my age and doing the things people my age do I was scribbling in a notebook and reading things: a time not too long ago when I was just like you. I get what your going through because I went through it, to truly know the industry and read all about it, to get a better perspective on the world and I can't help connect all your experiences to a "me" of the not so distant past. After all this fighting, all this rejection, and all this  hard work I'm still not a published writer but this fight for publication is just as valuable and  educational as the university that I'll be in my fourth year of in the fall. This may be your journey as well or you might be more lucky then me: I don't know I haven't read your work and I'm not a publisher so I have no idea how people respond to it. On that note: I love helping other writers and reading other people's work so I'm always open to reading stuff. More then anything just keeping writing and never stop writing: no matter what just make time for writing and don't use writer's block as an excuse. Like any craft practice and lots of it is the most important thing of all and you don't become a writer when your published but when you choose to commit to it in your daily life and make time for it. When your ready to publish do careful research of the people your submitting to and don't submit to anything without being well informed about the place your submitting. No, that neither increase nor decreases your chances but it helps to have some idea so that scams don't happen because you know what your getting yourself into and you have a bit more certainty if what your submitting is appropriate for the place your sending it to. Also read often and read a lot and be open minded and here's a website that's important to pay attention to for literary magazine submission guidelines and well-established, well-respected places that are always looking for new work: (http://www.placesforwriters.com/journals.html). Also check out my post on world poetry movement for tips on writing contest scammers that's based on personal experiences and stuff I learned the hard way:( http://rosiewritingspace.blogspot.ca/2011/10/world-poetry-movement.html). What's more important then anything: don't give up no matter how many rejection letters start piling up: think of them as "victory badges". 
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