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city birds

I don't normally like sharing backstories much on my blog of stuff I wrote but I felt it was a necessary introduction for this poem. I was up early in the morning for no reason at all: I laid in my bed unable to fall back asleep listening to the routine noises of my neighbourhood that I rarely get to sit and pay full attention to and then a series of thoughts started running through my head. This is a work in progress that started that morning while freewriting in my creative writing journal I've been keeping since the 12th grade: it's called "City Birds":

City Birds:

Whatever happened
to the calls of  birds

That softens in the evening
and becomes a lullaby?

This morning
was the beginning
of a dominating force:
the coming of the humming
(the electrical noise):
these are what's known 
as the city birds.

I miss the calmness
of the morning time,
Replaced by reminders
of a city/ always awake.

Songs become threats
not lullabies

lacking gentle whispers
from far behind

drowning out transitions
from morning to night

as if expecting 

The disappearance
 of a comfortable life.
All we can do  is wonder
will they ever leave?
But we begin to realize
they're here to stay:

Longing for the morning 
that begins
with the sweetness 
of the  jolly 
chirping of birds.
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