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forgotten things found in abandoned notebooks

At this point in my life in between my diaries that go as far back as middle school and the notebooks I use for creative writing I have so many notebooks it's really tough to keep track. Notebooks have become like treasures I take with me, use, alternate between depending on what's going on in my life and how I feel. But what's my logic to sticking to one notebook over the other for different contexts?Truth is I can't really explain what draws me to what notebook at what point in time all I know is that I have tons and I can't seem to stop collecting. Last night while rooting through some piles of stuff meant to be sorted I found a high school diary and a purple notebook that had just been laying around my house for I've forgotten how long. The greatest appeal of finding those forgotten, lost notebooks is that is that everything is new in a way it never was before like this poem I found folded up, in my hand writing on a small sheet of paper in the front of this purple notebook. The "/" is a line break or beat because for some reason I chose to break up the poem in a non-traditional format. 
Half-Asleep, Half ass thing in "honour" of the mind that Cannot quieten:
What do you do/with these wandering thoughts/when you're the sleepy wanderer/thinking of many different things/keeping the self awake?/you're awake/insanely half awake/each and every passing thought...
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