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An Ending Of A Summer Dream: a poetic work in progress

I hate posting work that's this self-indulgent and personal in fact maybe it was a bad idea revealing that this was the case. This poem has a deeply personal connection to me that I don't want to go into much detail about although, as a writer I inevitably hope that somehow this can mean something to you as well. I refuse to go into deep detail about meaning because I believe that this sort of stuff should speak for itself:

An Ending of a summer dream:

So many nights
of endless calling,
endless calling
without  reply.

for things left wanted
but never quite received.

some things 
you want so badly
you're blind to present truth:

it's hard to know your limits
When wanting strongly
with all your heart.

There was a time
when it all was so certain:

whatever happened  to the days
when we made each other smile:

when there wasn't an ending
to the  summer dream?

There was a time,
I remember,
when it was more...
then an observation
followed by nothing at all.

Time passes
with endless calling
words unspoken:
nothing left to say.

Calling without receiving
ends the summer dream.
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