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Conclusion After A long term Hiatus

Dear readers,
 R.M.R's Writing Space's hiatus has been necessary. Sometimes things just happen and you have to put the things that you care about aside for another day and in this case it's been a period of multiple months. I frequently talk about creative projects I'm working on so here's some updates:
-That novel I've been writing is still stuck on the same chapter and since I have a bit more time now I shall work on it further
-I just finished writing a play for the InspiraTo festival that I submitted this weekend, focusing on a fear that many women have in common, in the bar setting regarding how men will treat them when they're alone and powerless. It's a nightmare scenario because the dynamic between Betty and Ernie is so unsettling: he's an older,  physically and mentally powerful man and she's the opposite, he's blinded by his attraction to her and want to make her accept him for who he really is and she's both terrified of him and emotionally attracted to him. It's called "Meetings With Strangers" and it was written as a site specific piece. It's a play that takes place in a bar that's meant to actually be performed in a bar. After an incident at a bar when Ernie tries to approach Betty in a bar that goes terribly wrong they finally meet, at the same bar, a long time after this incident when Betty chooses to come visit the bar for peace and quiet. Betty wants to have some alone time, Ernie becomes preoccupied with trying to get her to remember him, not as the same person he was that night but as someone better than that. Only problem: she's not the person he thinks she is and claims to have no memory of him whatsoever.
Now for the conclusion of that hiatus: I've done all these great projects through my campus, become heavily involved in things through my internship that also allowed me to meet wonderful people who, every time I spoke to them I realized represented who ten years from now I could actually live with and be content with being from a professional point of view. A theme that's come up in this job searching process is to try and find something that's not just money for me but I haven't limited myself to that and I've tried way harder to make that happen. I realized that something that be my ideal summer would be if I could finally find some way to be in the front lines of artistic events going in the city in a capacity that's not just an audience member or casual volunteer and to write my heart out. I've applied to a bunch of places that are currently looking for volunteer coordinators and am anxiously waiting to see if these places accept me and make that a possibility. I've also been reading books on writing as a business and different ways to make money off your writing and hoping endlessly that all these things over the next little while become finally within my reach. If anyone who lives within Toronto that writes is reading this post: check out college &shaw library: they have an entire section on writing as a craft and as a business that's a total gold mine and: it's free, cause it's a library (of course)!
I started this blog five years ago because I love writing as much as I love my family, and my friends, and pretty much anyone that's every meant anything to me emotionally and I wanted a forum to share my passion, and my struggles and triumphs to make it work in my life. I haven't made time for this blog, and as I'm reminded of it's intention I plan to bring it back to life.
once again thanks for reading and long term readers: thanks for still reading,
all the best,
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