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Rosemary's grad school application tip list

The past two months I've applied to multiple graduate creative writing programs. After my recent experiences with the application process I have a lot of insight to share on the subject. The semi-stressful and super hard work it required has inspired me to write about my experiences applying. If you're a reader thinking of doing a Creative Writing M.A or M.F.A or any other graduate masters level program this list of tips is for you. It's based on my past mistakes,  what people who have helped me have told me throughout the application process, and things I've learned based on reading multiple articles on grad school online.

 Below is a list of  things I've learned from my recent experiences:

The following is a personal experiences that made me realize the power of showing up to these places in person as an eager applicant: 

I showed up at one of the universities I was applying to, walked into the department that offered the program I was interested in, and dropped off a part of my application and it meant that every mistake I made when looking for the person I was supposed to give my application to caused me to meet a whole bunch of department heads and secretaries that would be reading my application and deciding if I was a worthy candidate. Specifying my reasons for being there and introducing myself meant that, within seconds there was a room full of people wanting to find out more about me and really interested in who I was. That's when I learned the unspoken importance of making that first impression when you're interested in applying as a grad student.

Well...that's all I got to offer in terms of tips. I'm currently in the step of the application process where I wait and it's all in someone else's hands and have one more application due at the end of this month. Good luck to all of you applying to grad programs and always remember that although it's an overwhelming process there's lots of people out there who can help.

Also: if you google anything about grad school there's a lot of fantastic resources out there that can help you with every step of the process. Feel free to share your insights on the subject in the comment section. Swapping stories  is cool!
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