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See you blogger, it's been fun

Dear readers,

I have big news. In order to transform R.M.R's writing space into something bigger and better my blog is being transformed into a website. Yesterday I transferred all blog content to rosiewritingspace.wordpress.com and a day later, with a painless learning curve I registered a web domain on go daddy and made it so that the wordpress blog and the website are interconnected.

When I started this blog I was just a 17 year old ambitious kid who knew nothing about writing for the web but was eager to get an online presence, so that I could have a place, no matter what to do what I loved to do (and still love doing): writing. This blog was my introduction to writing for the web. A majority of what I know today about web writing comes from self teaching myself things such as basic HTML coding, web layout design, and how to be a better editor of my own work through coming up with my own blog content and not being afraid of the consequences of my mistakes, in my own time and at my own pace. I have grown significantly since then and my choice to change from blogger to my own web domain comes from significant changes happening in my life and a need to adapt to them. For those of you who are thinking of starting their own blog but don't know anything about web design blogger is an excellent user friendly platform to publish your content. Not only is blogger free but it makes the design element significantly easier than both wordpress and custom domains because it provides you with a great deal of assistance and resources to help make the web design aspect easier.

After careful thought, plenty of research in my spare time, and the time consuming blog content import process I have decided that it's time to move on . Go daddy has a policy where your website doesn't officially show up in search engines for 24 hours although completing the new website will take time. In the meantime old blog entries are archived on both the rosie writing space blogger page and the wordpress blog: www.rosiewritingspace.wordpress.com. The links transferred over in an iffy way so just ignore the messy coding that appears at the bottom of the wordpress blogposts that I'm slowly fixing. When the site is ready the link is: www.rosiewritingspace.ca. Updates on the website will come via my twitter page: @rosiemay_r.

Thanks readers and a new website will be officially online soon,


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